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Oil Change Berkeley H&B Karmakanix

As you may know, the engine in your vehicle is made of many moving parts that work together to ensure the optimal operation of your vehicle. However, after a period of time, this constant motion can lead to friction that can damage your engine. The oil in your engine acts as a necessary lubricant that allows the moving components of your engine to interact seamlessly while also acting as a coolant to absorb the heat that this kinetic motion creates. This places a lot of pressure on your engine and its oil and, over time, it can break down and become less effective. When this happens it is time for an oil change.

How Often Should I Have My Oil Changed?

Having old, contaminated, or not enough oil can cause the engine to run too hot since it is not lubricated correctly, and if ignored for long enough the entire engine will eventually shut down. So make sure that you keep an eye on your car’s oil level and how many miles you have driven since your last oil change. Preventative maintenance for your vehicle, such as the regularly scheduled oil change can keep your car running smoothly and prevent costly repairs. For best and proper care of your vehicle, H&B Berkeley recommends a basic oil change, which consists of the draining of the old oil, replacing the oil filter every 7,500 miles.