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Brake Services in H&B Berkeley

No matter your level of driving experience, it is probably fair to say that every Berkeley driver is aware of the importance of a functioning set of brakes. Without your brakes working to their optimal level, your vehicle shouldn’t be on the road. One of the most common concerns that our mechanics at H&B Karmakanix hear from Berkeley drivers is that they did not know their brakes were in such bad shape. The reason for this is simple; your brakes are one of the strongest parts of your vehicle. Because of this they will continue to operate even when they are worn down. Most late model BMW, AUDI and Mini have brake sensors and warning lights to inform drivers when the pads are getting low. If you hear any squealing noise, or experience lack of brake performance you should have your brakes inspected immediately by your H&B technician. If not inspected in time then a small problem could turn into something far more dangerous.

Complete Brake Service and Repair

At H&B Karmakanix we are highly aware of the fact that there are many vital parts that make your brake system work well. However, we also realize that it only takes one of these many pieces of equipment to fail for your whole braking system to be compromised. It is for this reason that our technicians have the skill, experience and equipment to inspect and repair or replace your brake system.

When you bring your vehicle to H&B Karmakanix for brake service, before any repair we inspect: Front and rear brake calipers, rotors & brake pads. Front and rear brake sensors & wirings. We also inspect brake hydraulic hoses, master cylinder, brake power booster and ABS pumps and control module and sensors.